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Aris, Marketing Communications Co-ordinator @ Canon Belgium

At Canon we believe in "living your story" and we are always looking for people that make of this their own mission! Mica did exactly this for us though his amazing ideas that benefit the company and delivers amazing work in a very timely manner! it is a real pleasure to work with him as content creator and story treller!

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Michal, Marketing Manager @ Siesta Campers

Huge success!  Working with Mica sets the bar high for our future collaborations. His talent, dedication and precision allow for effortless communication, quick and effective project realisation, and it gets done right the first time and within the budget.

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Joana Schenker, 2017 APB Bodyboard World Champion 

I'm a great fan of Mica's work and his visual approach, so when he shares his idea of shooting "She is Home" I sold instantly. Showing reality, calling for action and shooting not so pretty is brave. The result is dramatic, but unfortunately true.


Felipe, Founder @ Amazonia Bio

Great business/branding understanding. Not only a photographer but an event partner you can count on to create and register great moments. Team player, easy to deal with solution-oriented approach.

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